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Welcome to the BirbCraft Guide!

This little site has been put together to help you get set up and ready to play on Nutbirb's BirbCraft server.

BirbCraft runs on Minecraft 1.19.2 Java Edition

Exotic Birbs Guide
Alex's Mobs Info
Aquaculture 2 Info/Guide

Due to the rather cool features we've added to BirbCraft, you'll need the following things before you get started:

  • A premium Minecraft account (no cracked clients allowed)
  • Be a subscriber on Twitch or a trusted friend of Nutbirb
  • Contact Nutbirb, AtomicHaggis or Bezzaboyo on BirbCord or via Twitch whisper to get whitelisted

  Please do not ask to be whitelisted in regular stream chat!

Please join the BirbCord Discord server and visit the #all-things-minecraft channel.  Then view the Pinned Posts to see the latest installation instructions.

For the Exotic Birbs we've added to BirbCraft, along with all the new crafting recipies, read about all the cool stuff here on the Exotic Birds Guide

Alex's Mobs adds many land and air mobs too
.  You should receive a book in your inventory that tells you more the first time you join. 

Aquaculture 2 adds many ocean mobs
such as sharks, whales and new kinds of fish, as well as extensive new fishing mechanics.